Pokemon Cards For Everybody!

Pokemon cards are in high request over at our local Dollar Store. So, whenever I happen to be there, they’re all gone. But, Mama and Mila (Kid #3 Age 11) went to the Dollar Store. And. Lo and behold. They had Pokemon Cards. Be excited, because I can assure you, good came from this. Read on.

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Celebration Time!

In my last ready post, I said we went home, then got ready to go out and celebrate something. I promised an answer, and I will give you that answer. But first, you need to know something. 

My older brother Judah has a brain tumor.

He’s had it from around 6 years old, and now he’s 20. And for the first time in years, (Here’s the answer part) he hasn’t had a seizure in a whole month! 

To celebrate this, we invited some friends (Who will remain anonymous) to go to the International House Of Pancakes! (IHOP) 

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Family Vacation in La Conner

So, we went on a vacation. It wasn’t a “We flew to Hawaii” kind of vacation mind you. It was more of a “We have 7 kids” kind of vacation. We loaded up the trailer, and stayed at Dad’s work. It was pretty fun, and I decided to blog about it!

Let’s start with photo number one.


Ah, the majestic sunrise as seen from a phone being held by a Blogger who’s up too early in the morning to realize that he should take more than one picture. As an added bonus, the phone was being held above about 4 of my sibling’s heads! Yay!

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