Tulip Festival: The Fields!

Well, we wouldn’t be properly celebrating the Tulip Festival if we didn’t go look at the tulips, now would we? Say hello to the tulip fields!


(Before we left the house, I got a picture of my batch of flowers in the garden. A long time ago my Mom gave me some Bluebell bulbs, and there’s quite a few now! Picture!)


Okay. Now that I’ve shown off my flowers, on to the tulips.

The fields looked amazing. I made sure to get plenty of photos so that I’d be able to pick out some of the better ones to show here. So, here’s a couple of my personal favorites.


I especially like this next one. It’s a picture of the inside of the tulip.


One thing that was a bit weird about the tulip field, was the ground. For some reason, some spots on the ground were “wavy”. Almost like there was a pocket of water underneath the ground.

Link to the wavy ground clip


Isn’t that weird? We avoided stepping on any “wavy” spots. Wouldn’t want the ground to give way.

Anyway, after that, we happened to see what would soon happen to the tulip fields while we were on the way home. It was a field of tulips, without the tulip heads.


Apparently, the farmers want the bulbs. So they chop off the flower heads to give more energy to the bulbs. After that, they dig up the bulbs. There just so happened to be a tractor digging up the tulips, so I got a picture of the spot it was finished with.


And just like that, the tulips are gone. But, before I finish up the post, take a look at this next picture. It’s not of tulips, but the sky was beautiful, so I got a picture of it too.


And, that’s it. Thanks for reading my little blog post!

Now, I have a question for you. What’s your favorite flower? It could be based on name, location, looks, whatever reason you want. Personally, I quite like the lotus flower. It looks quite amazing in the water.

Leave your answer in the comments below!

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