I Got a Haircut! (And Tacos!)

Well, the time has finally arrived. The inevitable time that comes every few months. My Mom has taken me for a haircut. I made sure to take both a before picture, and an after picture, so you can all see the difference.

And just like that, I have gone from “Mr. Afro”, to “Jakin Timberlake”. Cool.

For an added bonus, we stopped at Taco Bell on the way home! We don’t go to Taco Bell very often, so this seems “blogworthy” to me. So, yay!

We got an assortment of tacos, ranging from the signature “Soft Taco” to, the one. The only. The burrito, wrapped in a quesadilla. The rice on one side, delicious meat on the other. The “Quesarito”.


And now, to finish off the post, I have for you something special.

A happy burrito.


Thanks for reading!


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