Celebration Time!

In my last ready post, I said we went home, then got ready to go out and celebrate something. I promised an answer, and I will give you that answer. But first, you need to know something. 

My older brother Judah has a brain tumor.

He’s had it from around 6 years old, and now he’s 20. And for the first time in years, (Here’s the answer part) he hasn’t had a seizure in a whole month! 

To celebrate this, we invited some friends (Who will remain anonymous) to go to the International House Of Pancakes! (IHOP) 


IHOP is amazing for our family, because, for every adult that orders, one kid eats free. It’s great! Before we continue, let’s look at this picture of Storm (age 9 kid #4) copy the “Caution” sign which he happens to be standing directly in front of!


IHOP has a great atmosphere. I love the music they play. I got to listen to Sam Cooke, and Chuck Berry.  Also, I love the way they fold the kid’s menus. It’s something I haven’t seen anywhere else. I mean, I don’t get out much, so I don’t know if this is the industry standard, but still. I think it’s awesome.


Since the last time I went to IHOP I got the Strawberry pancakes, I went with the New York Cheesecake pancakes. If I remember correctly, it consists of 3 pancakes with cheesecake chunks in them, (How awesome is that?) strawberry syrup, whipped cream, some strawberries,  and it’s topped off with sprinkled powdered sugar. Needless to say, it was good. How good? Refer to the following mouth watering image.


I’d like to think now have an irresistible urge to eat pancakes. Please, by all means, go ahead. I mean, finish the post first, but hey. I can’t really blame you for wanting pancakes. They were delicious.

Once we finished our meals, we started heading back to the door. I also managed to snap another shot of a kid copying the “Caution” sign. This time, it’s Ha’ani. (Age 7 kid #5)


After that, we were done. We had a wonderfully exhausting day of being on vacation, and topped it off with eating out. We went home, and went to bed. That, was a pretty good day. 

Thanks for reading!


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